Dateline – St. Augustine, Florida – Fleet Society to Sponsor International Conference on the 1715 Fleet in 2017

International Conference on the 1715 Fleet

The Directors of the 1715 Fleet Society are pleased to announce that a decision has been made to sponsor another Conference on the 1715 Plate Fleet, this one to be held in St. Augustine in the spring of 2017.

Following the success of the recent 300th Anniversary Conference in Vero Beach this past July, a number of inquiries have been made regarding the feasibility of organizing another Conference. We polled a random sample of our members to see whether or not there was any popular support for such an endeavor. The results demonstrated that sponsoring another Conference had widespread support.

St. Augustine was chosen as the venue for this Conference. We are currently exploring our options as to the actual facility that will host the event.

We do not have specific dates but we can say that the event will take place sometime in April or May, 2017. We are mindful of the fact that there are a number of Holidays in April and May of that year, such as Easter (April 16th), Mother’s Day (May 14th) and Memorial Day (May 30th). With that said, the Conference will take some strategic planning.

In any event, we will provide periodic updates regarding the host facility, the actual dates and other events associated with the Conference, such as a dinner and/or reception.

We hope that both 1715 Fleet Society members and non-members will find this news exciting and will mark their calendars accordingly.

Ben Costello, Director
Ernie Richards, Director
Phil Flemming, Director


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