DATELINE: St. Augustine, Florida – Thoughts and Prayers

It is hard to imagine that less than two weeks ago my wife and I were walking the streets of old St. Augustine soaking up the sun and the history. During our stay in that great city I met many people and made new friends while preparing for the Fleet Society’s upcoming Conference in March, 2017.

Now, in the aftermath of Hurricane Mathew it is heartbreaking to see what has happened to one of my favorite cities. I felt compelled to publish this post to express to my friends in that old and storied city that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Despite what has happened, the Fleet Society is committed to having our 2nd International Conference in St. Augustine next March.

I will be visiting St. Augustine in January and sincerely hope that the scars left behind by this event will be healed and life will be restored to a degree of normalcy.

Best Regards and God bless you all.

Ben Costello, Director, 1715 Fleet Society

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