DATELINE: St. Augustine, Florida. Wreck Found on Beach

Here is an interesting item sent to us by Fleet Society member Frank Noga. Society members living in the Florida area might want to keep us advised on the developing news story associated with this remarkable find.

Click the link to read the article and watch a video clip:

Ben Costello, Director.

2 thoughts on “DATELINE: St. Augustine, Florida. Wreck Found on Beach”

  1. Wasn’t there one ship from the 1715 fleet that made it north past the fort in St. Aug. even thought it had no mast’s. Was there some mention of that being sighted by folks in the fort at the time ?

    1. There are those that believe that one of the 1715 Fleet ships did sink north of St. Augustine. This has not been confirmed, but there is strong circumstantial evidence that this may be true. I am not aware of any accounts that confirm that any fleet ships were actually spotted from the fort at St. Augustine. If you have information regarding this, I would be very interested in seeing it.
      Ben Costello

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