DATELINE: Tallahassee, Florida – May is Historic Preservation Month

Since the National Trust for Historic Preservation created Preservation Week in 1971 it has grown into an annual celebration observed by small towns and big cities throughout the country. May has been deemed Historic Preservation Month. To read about the latest preservation efforts in Florida, you can access the Florida Division of Historical Resources at There you can find Florida’s Inventory of Historical, Cultural Resources through the Florida Master Site File. The Site File records archaeological sites, historical structures, cemeteries, bridges and districts. The Site File also maintains copies of archaeological and historical survey reports and other manuscripts relevant to history and historic preservation in Florida.

Take a few minutes and go to the website and review the many other projects and programs established by the Florida Division of Historical Resources.

For historians, this is your month to get reacquainted with the rich history that is the foundation of this great nation. Start with Florida and work your way across the country.

Preserving history is what this month is all about. To know where we are going as a nation we must know where we have been. It is up to the historians among us to carry on the memory.

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