DATELINE: Vero Beach, Florida

Last week the Fleet Society received a phone call from Pam Cooper, Supervisor of the Archive Center & Genealogy Department, Indian River County Main Library, Vero Beach, Florida. Pam suggested that the Fleet Society work with the Library to coordinate an event for July 31, 2015. Fleet Society Director, Ernie Richards, will be working with Pam and Jim Wilson (also of Vero Beach) as coordinator of the event. It is anticipated that artifacts will be on display from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm in the Library’s large meeting room which has been reserved for this purpose. Speakers and other displays are being planned. Also, a video of the March 15, 1997 interview with members of the Real 8 Company (Dr. Kip Kelso, Col. Dan Thompson, Lt. Col. Harry Cannon, Louis J. Ullian, Chief Warrant Officer Bob Johnson, John Jones, Del Long and Rex Stocker) will also be shown. This video is significant in that it may be one of the last interviews of the group together.

The Fleet Society is very pleased that we are working together with the Library on this project. More information on this event will be forthcoming in the future.

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