DATELINE: Vero Beach, Florida – Indian River County Main Library Exhibit

While working on the upcoming Commemoration here in Vero Beach, I have had the opportunity to view firsthand the Exhibit being prepared by the Indian River County Main Library located in downtown Vero Beach.

The Exhibit includes various displays and posters featuring 1715 Fleet related topics. Under the direction of Pam Cooper, Associate Supervisor of the Archive Center & Genealogy Department, the library has devoted much time and energy creating this wonderful Exhibit.

1715 Fleet Artifact Display
1715 Fleet Artifact Display

If you come to Vero Beach for the 1715 Commemoration please make it a point to stop at the Indian River County Main Library at 1600 21st Street, Vero Beach, and take time to view the Exhibit.

View the full images in the gallery below by clicking on the thumbnail of each image.


If you can’t make it to the Commemoration then please enjoy some of the pictures that I took of just a portion of the overall Exhibit. Please note that there are many events being sponsored by the Indian River County Main Library in conjunction with the 1715 Fleet Society.

For a full listing of all of these events, please check our calendar page or call Pam Cooper at 772-770-5060 x4148.

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  1. Finding the sunken treasures of the 1715 Fleet was the initial goal of Samuel Bellamy and his men from Cape Cod, but in failing to find it they turned to piracy. But I’m a little confused about something. Some sources say that the Fleet wrecked at Port St Lucie, some say Jupiter, and some say Vero Beach. I’d be very appreciative if someone could clarify the facts on this. Thanks,
    Rev. Jim Cunningham, D.D.
    Docent, Whydah Pirate Museum

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