DATELINE: Washington PA

As an update to our last newsletter item of September 27th work continues on the posting of recently acquired rare historical documents. Some of the documents / articles that we received require copyright clearance which has slowed us down a bit but, the good news is that a number of authors contacted by the 1715 Fleet Society were very corporative and supportive of our efforts. We are very thankful that so many individuals have offered their help and support.

On an unrelated matter we would like to remind our readers that the 2014 FUN Show (January 9-12) is rapidly approaching. If you are planning to attend it might be a good idea to make your reservations early. If you have already made reservations at the Peabody (which is connected to the Convention Center) you might want to reconfirm your reservations. The Peabody was recently sold to Hyatt (sorry no more ducks). It might be a good idea to check with the new ownership to make sure that any reservations already made are still on the books. We have been contacted by several individuals who routinely use the Peabody Hotel and they suggested that we pass this information along.

The 1715 Fleet Society will as usual be maintaining a table with informational material and some displays. Like last year we hope to have a monitor depicting images of Fleet related items. We will also display some of our products (mugs and shirts). We hope to see all of you there.

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