Dateline: Washington, PA – Fleet Society Produces Commemorative Ingot Second Series

Fleet Society Produces Commemorative Ingot Second Series

Last year, the Fleet Society produced a series of commemorative ingots to mark the 300th anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet. Due to the overwhelming demand for the ingots in the sold-out First Series, the Fleet Society is proud to announce the recent production of a new, Second Series consisting of 100 1 oz. silver commemorative ingots.

These ingots are markedly different than the First Series and can be seen in the image above. The Second Series features the reverse style of reales produced at the Lima Mint. The ingots are slightly burnished to give them a more shiny appearance, which is different than the flat finish of the ingots in the First Series. All of the ingots are hand-poured so they are somewhat crude, which is the way that we wanted them to look.

These ingots are made of .999 pure silver with 10% from Fleet sources.

The ingots are numbered 001 – 100.

The picture above compares the Second Series (on left) to the First Series (on right).

These ingots will be available for purchase to Fleet Society members exclusively until November 15, 2015; after which time they will be made available to the general public.

A price list is being developed and will be posted here shortly. Members are encouraged to call or email Fleet Society Director, Ben Costello, once the price list is available.



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