DATELINE: Washington, PA – Treasures of the 1715 Fleet 2016 Calendar

The Fleet Society has just concluded production of a 2016 calendar featuring more treasures of the 1715 Fleet. Fleet Society Director Ben Costello said “our 2015 calendar was such a success that a number of individuals asked us if we were going to do another calendar for 2016. At first we thought they were just being polite. But due to the number of inquiries, we decided to go ahead and produce another calendar”.

The new calendar will be available at the Florida United Numismatist (FUN) Summer Show in Orlando July 9, 10, and 11, 2015. The cost of the calendar will be $20.00.

“We hope that this calendar will become a collector’s item just like our 2015 calendar. We still have a few 2015 calendars left and we anticipate that they will all be gone once this calendar hits the market”, said Fleet Society Director, Ben Costello. For now the calendar will be available at the FUN Show and during Commemoration Week July 26 – August 2, 2015.

If any calendars remain available after Commemoration Week, they will be offered online. Unlike the 2015 calendar, which had an edition of 500, the 2016 calendar will have an edition of 350.

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  1. Avatar of Ken Kupferman

    Please reserve & send a copy of the 2016 calendar to me. I’ll pay upon receipt.
    Thank you, Ken K.
    14 Weed Rd.,
    Knox, ME. 04986

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