DATELINE: Washington, Pa

In less than two months we will be one year away from the 300th anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet. As visitors to this website already know the Fleet Society is working on an agenda of events for next years commemoration. We have received many calls and e mails from individuals offering to help, and for that we are deeply appreciative. However, we want to remind everyone that the Fleet commemoration will actually start with the FUN Show in Orlando, Florida in January, 2015. There, an exhibit featuring Fleet treasures and artifacts will be on display. This exhibit is a collaborative effort between the Florida United Numismatists and the 1715 Fleet Society. It has been in the works for several years. We are making every effort to create an interesting exhibit which will present the story of the loss of the 1715 Fleet illustrated by items recovered from the wrecks of this doomed voyage.
Suggestions or ideas regarding next years commemoration are welcome.

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