DATELINE: Washington, Pennsylvania

Last week, representatives of the 1715 Fleet Society spoke on the subject of the upcoming 300th Anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet at the DoubleTree Hotel, Lake Buena Vista, Orlando, Florida. As previously outlined in our newsletter item of Friday, October 31, 2014, this presentation was one of several lectures sponsored by Daniel Frank Sedwick, LLC, which proceeded Treasure Auction 16. The Fleet Society took this opportunity to publicly announce for the first time that membership to the Society was being offered.

The Society is looking for members who are dedicated to not only promoting public awareness of the upcoming 300th Anniversary but also willing to support with time, money and effort, to advance scholarly study of all facets of the 1715 Fleet disaster. The Fleet Society is working to gather archival records, articles, letters and documents, so that this material can be studied before it is lost to history. We are reaching out to individuals who we believe may have firsthand knowledge of important Fleet related history or who possess documents that we can borrow for research purposes.

It is our hope that those wishing to join the Society will work with us to achieve our goals. Anyone wishing to join will pay a $125.00 fee for a lifetime membership. Those joining now will be given a Certificate of Membership together with a lapel pin that will distinguish them as a member of the Society. Also, life members will not be subject to any yearly dues that may be imposed at a later date.

Interested parties should e-mail the 1715 Fleet Society at for more information.

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