DATELINE: West Palm Beach, Florida


Two hundred ninety-nine years ago today, thousands of Spanish colonists awoke to find themselves in a horrific situation; they had survived the overnight tempest which beset the fleet in which they traveled. The surf on the east coast of “La Florida” was churning up wreckage, cargo, personal belongings, and nearly 1,000 human carcasses along a sixty-mile stretch of an otherwise desolate sandy shore…


Planning such a significant happening as the 300th Anniversary Commemoration of the 1715 Spanish Treasure Fleet Disaster next year is an enormous task. 1715 Fleet Society Director Ben Costello has enlisted the aid of (among so many others) the Florida United Numismatists officers and committee members, some State of Florida Archaeological officials, and local Chambers of Commerce on the Treasure Coast of Florida. The momentum is mounting!

—31 July 2014. Ernie Richards, Publisher/Editor of PLVS VLTRA Newsletter

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