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Detectorist Uncovers Hoard of Gold Coins In Poland

From time to time, we come across a very interesting non-shipwreck, non-Fleet related story that we like to share with all of our visitors. Here is one such story: Metal Detectorists Scanning for War Relics in the Woods Stumble on Hoard of Gold Coins From WWII.

It appears that a metal detectorist and his companions came upon a buried can of gold coins while looking for World War II artifacts in Poland. Two things about this story stand out. First, who did this cache of coins belong to? The odd mixture of American gold coins (nine in all) and Russian rubles is rather mysterious. How did these American coins end up with a group of Russian rubles? Where did this stash originate? All legitimate inquiries that will never be answered.

The other interesting thing that stands out is how perfect these coins look after 75 years in the ground (see image in article). Despite the dirt and elements these coins look freshly made.

We will post additional information regarding this hoard and the disposition of these coins as that information becomes available.

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