E-sylum Article: “The Horror of Drum-Polished Eight Reales”

Wayne Homren

Greetings all.  Here is an interesting article that I came across in the on-line weekly publication, E-Sylum.  Published by Wayne Homren,  E-Sylum is a must read for those interested in coins and all things coin related. The subject article was written by Gary Beals. It is a fascinating article which describes efforts by commercial salvors to “conserve” Spanish reales (silver coins produced by Spanish mints) from the 1622 wrecks. The technique implemented was thought to improve the appearance of recovered Spanish coins in order to enhance their marketability. In point of fact, the method chosen actually resulted in the wholesale destruction of the coins’ numismatic value. It is fortunate that the silver reales recovered from the 1715 Fleet wreck sites were not subjected to this method of conservation to a great extent. While early methods to clean salvaged Fleet coins were also crude and harsh, fortunately other processes were developed that did serve to enhance the appearance of salvaged silver coins without affecting the value.

The article by Gary Beals of Segovia, Spain titled “The Horror of Drum-Polished Eight Reales” was published July 4, 2021 in The E-Sylum, an email newsletter edited by Wayne Homren.

It can be read in its entirety here: https://www.coinbooks.org/v24/esylum_v24n27a26.html 

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