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February 2, 2020 DATELINE: Venetia, Pa.

Greetings. Ben Costello, Director here. Most of you who regularly visit this website are aware of the fact that not all Fleet Society members are lucky enough to populate the sunny climes of Florida, including yours truly. Here is a picture taken this morning outside of my front door. Facing west, you can see the  type of weather that we have been enjoying here in Western Pennsylvania. While it is true that we lack extreme weather (hurricanes, cyclones) and natural disasters (volcanoes, mudslides, earthquakes, tsunamis) we also lack something else….sunshine. Here is an interesting statistic: Since January 1 (33 days) we have had 20 days of gray clouds and overcast and 13 days of partly cloudy. What this means is that we have not experienced one day of a cloudless blue sky since the beginning of the decade! We are starting to get a little cranky up here. Looking forward to our Cuba Conference.  P.S. Today is Groundhog Day (actually, 02/02/20). He has predicted an early spring. Praise be.


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