Fernandina Beach Gold Bars Update

February 13, 2021

Last month (January 17, 2021) I posted a story about gold bars that were found at Fernandina Beach in 1976. We were trying to find out whatever became of those gold bars and hoped that maybe one of our readers might know something.  The bars were supposedly sent to Florida State University for analysis. So, we contacted FSU to follow up. So far our efforts have been unsuccessful inasmuch as no one seems to know anything about it and are unwilling to research the matter as requests for help in this regard have gone unanswered. So, we have redirected our focus and are reaching out to local Historical Societies to see if these organizations might be able to help. The Covid situation has been somewhat of an impediment as these volunteer organizations are not keeping regular hours. Nevertheless, we will continue to pursue this mystery. Our aim is to see whether or not these bars have a connection to the 1715 Fleet. We will post periodic updates.

Ben Costello, Director.

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