First Half of Richards Library Delivered 

Last week the Fleet Society received the first half of the recently acquired Richards Library (see our post of May 22, 2023). The library consists of books, booklets, magazines and catalogues assembled by Ernie Richards, one of the Fleet Society’s original founders. Over the course of his lifetime Ernie managed to build a library over 750 items. On Thursday, July 27, we received the first half of the library. Fleet Society Librarian Dave Crooks (member #7) personally delivered the material to our temporary office in Washington, Pa. Dave took possession of the books from Ernie Richards in June. After doing an inventory he loaded his car with as much of the library as he could fit in his vehicle and drove it to Pennsylvania. Since that time I have been going through the books, booklets, etc., organizing the library into various categories which will then be arranged accordingly on our recently acquired book shelves. Below you can see the library after it arrived (in boxes) and after unpacking.



There is still much work to do. The second half of the library will be delivered in January. Updates will follow. Many thanks to Dave Crooks for all of his efforts in taking delivery of the books and then personally transporting the books to our office (he also helped to unload them). Also, special thanks to Fleet Society member Rick Beleson (member # 51) whose generous donation made it possible for the Society to acquire the library.

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