Fleet Society Board Endorses Tom Uram

The 1715 Fleet Society Board of Directors unanimously endorsed Tom Uram for President of the American Numismatic Association (ANA). A long-time member of the Fleet Society, Tom Uram recently announced his candidacy for that position in December 2022. With a membership of over 27,000, the ANA is the largest such organization in the country. To be president of such an auspicious group is an honor but also carries with it significant responsibilities. We believe that as president Tom would be a great resource for helping our Society expand its footprint in the numismatic community. His presidency would offer many new opportunities that otherwise would be unavailable to us without his ability to present those possibilities. We hope that our endorsement can help Tom achieve a lifelong goal and also help the Society along the way. If you happen to be a member of the ANA we urge you to vote for Tom. In doing so you will also be casting a vote for the future of numismatics in general and our Society in specific.

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