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Fleet Society Experiences Membership Boom!

Fleet Society membership recently passed the 200 mark and beyond just since the beginning of the new year. Since January 1, eight new members have joined the Society reaching 205 members on January 17. At the end of 2023, our membership stood at 197. A mere 21 days later we are at 205. Such a jump in membership in just three weeks is something that we have never seen. Even in the days leading up to the 300th Anniversary Commemoration we never experienced such a sudden increase. We are not complaining of course, just very pleased. It occurs to us that our message is getting out there and people are inspired to become a part of our community of 1715 Fleet enthusiasts. Just for comparison, at the beginning of 2023, our membership was 176. In 2023 we welcomed 21 new members. Since the beginning of this year, we have almost half of what we had in the entire year of 2023! I think that is quite an accomplishment. Here is a list of the new members for this year. We will be doing a special post on our 200th member.

198 — David Huang, Willowbrook, Illinois
199 — Jeffrey Priest, Atlanta, Georgia
200 — Russell Augustin, Willowbrook, Illinois
201 — ames Sinclair, Henrico, Virginia
202 — Chris Kyttle, Bradenton, Florida
203 — Linda Kasicki, Archer, Florida
204 — Jim Studer, Southaven, Mississippi
205 — Steve Allen, Charlotte, North Carolina

Ben Costello
President, 1715 Fleet Society

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