From the Fleet Society Archives — 1964-1965

Here are some very interesting archival images recently donated to the Society by Dave Crooks (member # 7).

In Image 1 Kip Wagner, Mel Fisher, and Walt Holzworth are seen examining a group of silver coins that were recently removed from a large clump (or aggregate) recovered from one of the wreck sites of the 1715 Fleet. On the reverse is a note that the photograph was taken by Otis Imboden of the National Geographic Society. The story of Otis Imboden and his involvement with Kip Wagner and the Real Eight Company can be found in Wagner’s book Pieces of Eight, Chapters 9 and 10. The image was released on August 30, 1964.

In Image 2 Kip Wagner examines a group of freshly recovered silver coins or “pieces of eight”. On the reverse is a note designating the image for use by Miami Sun Times on March 21, 1965.

Students of the 1715 Fleet and the Real Eight Company will undoubtedly recognize these images as they were widely distributed by many sources. Special thanks to Dave Crooks for his generous donation to the Society’s Archive Collection.

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