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From the Fleet Society Archives — February 10, 1961

This story appeared in the Orlando Sentinel about one month after members of the Real Eight Company made their first big recovery of silver coins on the Cabin Wreck site near Sebastian, Florida. It was reported that a “shroud of secrecy and confusion” hangs over salvage operations near Sebastian. This “confusion” was the result of Real Eight’s desire not to reveal its plans for fear that unauthorized treasure hunters would attempt to pillage the site. In some cases, these “wildcatters” have actually illegally dynamited submerged vessels in an effort to make a quick recovery of treasure that might be present at the site. Such activity destroys historically significant items that may be located on the wreck. The Real Eight Company is seeking a lease so that they can “keep watch” over the area. One state official commended the Real Eight Company on its “careful” methods of operation. No salvage operations are presently underway in the area.

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