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From the Fleet Society Archives — July 27, 1955

In July 1955 this story appeared in the Miami Herald: The State of Florida received its “cut” of profits from the sale of sunken treasure found by three treasure hunters who discovered a wreck off Sandy Point near Vero Beach. Jack Carr and John King of Vero Beach along with Art McKee of Tavernier, Florida recovered a number of artifacts from the wreck. Listed as found were 13 “twelve pounders” (cannons), several hand grenades, an anchor, and cannon balls. Most of the items were sold for a total of $850.00. The state’s “cut” was $106.25. The entire salvage operation cost the three divers $1,000.00. So, in the end, they lost $250.00 in the enterprise.

Note: This information was obtained from archival material donated by Society member Karen McKee (#29). See our November 12, 2022 post here for more about this generous donation.

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