From the Fleet Society Archives — June 5, 1967

According to Florida news outlets the Real Eight Company reported a profitable salvage month for May 1967. Divers for the company recovered precious artifacts, gold, and silver along with a rare 1702 Spanish coin with a price tag of $10,500.00. They referred to this coin as an “Escudo Royal”. The coin was sold to an anonymous buyer. Among the items found was a perfect, teapot-shaped perfume bottle or urn together with contents. It was believed that the teapot-shaped container was either pewter or gold-plated. The artifact displayed green corrosion and ocean deposits. It was surmised that this was to be given to Queen Elizabeth Farnase, the second wife of Philip V.  (The year before Real Eight divers found an onion-shaped ceramic bottle still sealed with its contents.) Other items of note included a sword, a musket, and cannonballs. Since June is the start of hurricane season the Real Eight divers plan to  remain at the wreck site located south of the Sebastian Inlet until “rough seas make the water murky”.

(NOTE: See our Treasure of the Month for March 2012 for more information regarding the teapot-shaped urn.)

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