From the Fleet Society Archives — September 1, 1994

In 1994 the Historical Research and Development, Inc. (HRD) company engaged in marine excavations, archaeology, historical research, and the development of technologies to advance the field of historical science. It was a privately held Florida corporation, founded in 1988.

On September 1, 1994, a silver altar bell (Artifact #33010) was recovered by Rodney Tyoe at the Cabin Wreck site south of Sebastion, Florida. The bell weighed 151.30 grams ( About .334 pounds) without its clapper. Careful cleaning of the bell revealed a hand–inscribed Roman script “A RA”. The Latin inscription translates into English as “Altar”. Further processing also revealed the hand-inscribed notation “N,S,D,  MONSERATE.” The bell was found in an area in close proximity to a group of magnificent gold rosaries and jewelry recovered in 1993 and 1994. Perhaps this altar bell is connected to these recoveries. The bell is in the possession of the State of Florida, Bureau of Archaeological Research, Division of Historical Resources.

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