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Happy New Year 2017

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I’d like to wish the members and readers of the 1715 Fleet Society and the readers of the 1715 Fleet Society Website a very happy new year. As the web administrator for the Fleet Society, I’d like to share some highlights of the fleet’s online home in 2016.

During the year, we saw nearly 50,000 visits to the website. We published 60 articles including Treasures of the Month, newsletter posts, and nearly 1,500 coin images from the Gold Cob collection of the State of Florida. 85% of traffic originates from within the United States, and 15% originates from 115 other countries – of those the most active being countries within Europe.

Nearly 70% of our visitors are new visitors, which means the articles we post are effective at reaching new readers interested in the history of the fleet.  The site is also read by all ages – nearly equal across all age groups. Of the returning users, 30% of all traffic to the site, each read multiple pages of the site. They don’t just visit and then leave. Some users have read more than 200 pages of the website, returning each and every day, multiple times per day. We’re happy that the site, and the amazingly detailed images we post, are working to educate the public and to

We launched a new membership portal allowing our members to have a home base online from which we offer discounts to fleet merchandise and events like the 2017 International Conference. In the future, we’ll be adding exclusive content for members that can be seen only by logging in through the member’s portal. We also added a user-submitted stories section to the site where fleet enthusiasts are able to post a personal story that we publish for our members to read. And in 2017 we’ll be adding additional stories to the Florida Collection Gold Cobs posts. Coins of special significance will be called out and the coin’s history and significance will be detailed in written form.

We’re happy that the site, and the amazingly detailed images we post, are working to educate the public and to bring new fans into the world of the 1715 Fleet.

I know I join the directors of the Fleet Society in thanking you for visiting the site and for your thoughtful comments throughout the year. We have a very active and engaged community.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 International Conference, and wish you a very happy and successful 2017!

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