Happy New Year 2020!

On behalf of myself and the other Directors of the 1715 Fleet Society, I would like to wish everyone a Happy (and prosperous) New Year. As we embark on a new decade, it seems like a good time to review some of the highlights of the Fleet Society’s progress over the last decade.


January 2011.

Fleet Society representatives visit the Bureau of Archaeological Research in Tallahassee, Florida to begin preparations for an exhibit of the State’s collection of Fleet related material at the Florida United Numismatist Show in January 2015. This was to be in conjunction with the 300th Anniversary of the Loss of the 1715 Fleet.


May 2011.

The Fleet Society launches its website. The Spanish Numismatic Association (NUMISMA) selects the website as the best new website for the month of June.


January 2012.

The Fleet Society makes its first appearance at the Florida United Numismatist Show in Orlando, Florida. Items commemorating the loss of the 1715 Fleet were available for sale.


April 2012.

A project to develop a meaningful grading system for silver cobs recovered from Fleet wreck sites is begun. This research is ongoing.


April 2013.

Research Collection featuring silver cob coinage from Mexico, Lima and Potosi created.


November 2014.

Fleet Society is open to public membership (prior to that the Society Membership was limited to the original founders). Membership has now grown to 107 members.


January 2015.

The Fleet Society and the State of Florida Bureau of Archeological Research present a comprehensive exhibit of Fleet related material at the Florida United Numismatist show in Orlando, Florida. This exhibit features many coins and other artifacts from the State of Florida Collection.


July 2015.

300th Anniversary Commemoration along the Treasure Coast takes place. The 1st International Conference is held in Vero Beach, Florida. A distinguished panel of experts provides an exceptional program. Approximately 75 people attend. A Commemorative Banquet is held at Captain Hiram’s Resort in Sebastian, Florida.


January 2016.

The Fleet Society chooses Flagler College, located in St Augustine, Florida as the site of the 2nd International Conference on the 1715 Fleet. The Conference is to take place in March 2017.


March 2017.

The Second International Conference on the 1715 Fleet takes place at Flagler College in St Augustine, Florida. The Conferences coincides with the release of the first hardcover publication produced by the 1715 Fleet Society titled Treasures of a Lost Fleet.


January 2018.

The Fleet Society Begins planning for its 3rd International Conference on the 1715 Fleet to take place in Havana, Cuba.

December 2019.

The Fleet Society’s Membership grows to 107.

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