History of the Real Eight Through Documents and Letters Updated

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! The Location: the Sebastian Inlet Marina. The Scene: 1997 Reunion of the dive group that was Real Eight Corp., the finders of the 1715 Spanish treasure fleet. The Activity: a California-based production company getting the reunion on tape! PHOTO by Ernie Richards.

In 2011 we began writing the history of the Real 8 Company using contemporaneous letters, pictures and documents. Over the years we have continued to update the history with additional information as that information was acquired. Recently, we added new material to our Real Eight story which we encourage you to access. Specifically, this new information pertains to that portion of the Real Eight story dealing with the early research efforts of Kip Wagner and Kip Kelso. Also, new pictures and updated information regarding the Real Eight Company museums (there were two, the first one was located in Satellite Beach and later moved to Cape Canaveral) have been added. These updates on the history of the Real Eight can be found at the link below, and on our Archives Page, under “Real Eight Collection.”

History of The Real Eight Company Through Documents and Letters

We expect to continue adding new archival information to the Real Eight story in the next several weeks. As we do, we will post updates.

Ben Costello, Director.

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Ben Costello

Ben Costello is a director of the 1715 Fleet Society and an attorney in Washington, PA. His full bio can be found here.

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