Important Cuba Conference – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

1715 Fleet Society Conference - Cuba Map

Good Morning.

Effective March 22, 2020, Southwest has announced flights from Florida to Cuba will be canceled. They will resume on May 4, 2020. Due to this and the ever-changing circumstances surrounding the Corona Virus epidemic I have decided to reschedule the Conference, if possible, at a later time. I did not make this decision lightly. A lot of time, energy, effort and expense has been invested in setting up this Conference both by us and our counterparts in Havana. But given the unprecedented public and governmental response to the virus (it has now been declared a National Emergency), it seems the prudent thing to do.

Where do we go from here? Well, our efforts are going to be directed to resurrecting the Conference. What and how we do it will depend on a lot of other contingencies. For now, however, we will remain optimistic. Nothing can be determined until the dust settles. We will continue to provide regular updates as we receive them.

Ben Costello, Director

4 thoughts on “Important Cuba Conference – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update”

  1. Very wise decision, Ben. We’re ALL in this together. Meanwhile, my large pirates trunk is still in Art Storage waiting for The 1715 Fleet Society to use it as a fundraising antique!

    1. Barbara thank you for your kind comment and support for the decision. I can always count on you to help. Any suggestions on how to implement an auction for the trunk? How about the Sedwick auction in May??

  2. Darby Huntington

    Ben, I agree with Barbara. As tough of a decision as it was to make at the time, history is showing that it was totally the right call to postpone the conference. With all the time and effort invested, hopefully once the world gets back on it’s feet again, the conference in Cuba can be rescheduled. I look forward to attending it.

  3. Hello Ben, and all you other 1715 Fleet Society followers. It has been an incredible and challenging 3 months with all the things happening in the world. On the positive side, the McLarty Treasure Museum in the Sebastian Inlet State Park has reopened for visitors. We have had a slow start but folks are beginning to get out from hibernation and we’re glad to be back at work. Corey Kerkela (Museum Ranger) and I are anxious to attend the conference. Any prospective news on when (and where) the conference might be held?

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