January 2015 Treasure of the Month

We begin 2015 with a newly redesigned website and a new Treasure of The Month.  Displayed here is an exquisitely encrusted sword.  A close inspection will reveal that this item is covered with coral and other tiny sea deposits.

One can only wonder what this sword actually looked like before it was lost in the hurricane that destroyed the 1715 Fleet.  There is something mysterious about encrusted weaponry.

Encrusted sword – detail section

Take, for example, the flintlock pistol which is featured on our home page (also shown below).  Taken together these items and the January 2015 Treasure of the Month provide historians and archaeologists with a fascinating ghost-like image of what once was.

Encrusted flintlock – Detail Section

1 thought on “January 2015 Treasure of the Month”

  1. Hi Ben,
    I would like to study the “encrusted sword” that you have on your site.
    I believe that I can identify it.
    Where can I see it, and do you have its measurements?
    Roger Dooley MSc
    Marine archaeologist
    (Who found the galleon San Jose (1708) in 2015)

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