January 2016 Treasure of the Month

January 2016 Treasure of the month

Our January 2016 Treasure of the Month is this small grouping of 1715 Fleet silver and gold coins (cobs) from the Mexico City Mint, topped off with a bright gold ring.

All of these coins display the typical features of coins found on the wreck sites of the 1715 Fleet. Irregular shapes, flattened surfaces, hammer marks and weak strikes are all apparent. Except for one fully dated 1715 eight reales in the center of the pile, none of the other coins display a full or partial date of any kind.

These coins are also in a variety of colors from bright silver to dark, likely the result of different methods of conservation. One coin in the upper left has not been conserved and displays the typical dark green color of a newly found coin.

A lonely gold two escudo cob is shown on the bottom. Nicely struck with a strong cross, this piece has a rounder shape which is more characteristic of Mexican gold cobs, especially after 1700.

The gold ring that sits atop this group of coins is a fine example of gold rings that are commonly found among the scattered remains of the 1715 fleet.

This wonderful display is from a private collection.

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  1. I have what I think is a silver cob from the 1700s I have a photo of it and would like to have some information on how to clean it and possible value

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