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Last Chance to Reserve a Book Number

As previously indicated in prior posts on this website (September 11 and September 22) we are anticipating the release, very soon, of our latest book “Treasures of a Lost Fleet II”. There will be a limited edition of 150 numbered copies. People who purchased specifically numbered books of our first publication “Treasures of a Lost Fleet” were given an opportunity to reserve the same book number if they purchased our latest book. The opportunity to reserve a specific number will be available until October 10. After that, any numbers not claimed will be available to whoever may want them. So, if you want to reserve a number this will be your last chance to do so. Right now we have already reserved 46 books, almost one-third of our entire run. We are very pleased with the reception so far. We would like to thank all of those members who have chosen to purchase our latest publication.

Ben Costello, President, 1715 Fleet Society

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