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Lima 8 escudos dated 1713/12 from the 1715 Fleet

Josh “Captain Redbeard” Scott (Follow @redbeardsrelics —
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This is a Lima 8 escudos dated 1713/12 from the 1715 Fleet!

There are under 10 of these known to be graded by any grading service. With the over date of 13/12, it makes it exceptionally rare.

If you look closely at the obverse of this piece, you can see the fine striations across the surfaces that you typically see in fresh mint state coins.

Shipwreck gold has skyrocketed in value over the last several years, with many pieces disappearing from the marketplace into private hands. Finding raw examples like this one is quite hard to find, but having friends around the world to help me source material like this has its perks!

Josh “Captain Redbeard” Scott@redbeardsrelics

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