May 2016 Treasure of the Month

May’s Treasure of the Month is this beautiful gold and red coral rosary, complete and flawless, weighing 60.09 g. At 19 ½” long, this impressive religious artifact is in an excellent state of preservation, with all the coral and gold beads intact.

Considered to be very rare and expensive, red coral was a popular constituent of rosaries, as it was believed to offer protection against magic spells. This rosary consists of fifty-three oval red-coral beads separated by five gold beads. It features a 2″ crucifix at the bottom that consists of a flat cross surmounted with a separately cast figure of Christ with the inscription “INRI” on the plaque at the top of the cross.

This item is listed as Lot 1681 of the Sedwick Treasure, World and US Coin Auction #19, May 18 – 19, 2016. A more detailed description can be found on page 302 of the auction catalog.

Note: for comparison purposes please refer to the rosary that was featured as the August 2014 Treasure of the Month.

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