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Meet & Greet

To all those planning to attend the Fleet Society’s Conference & Meeting in January, don’t forget to join us at our Meet & Greet/Reception on Monday, January 8, 2024. The Meet & Greet/Reception is FREE and will be open to the public. It will be held at the Heritage Center located at 2140 14th Avenue in downtown Vero Beach from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Present will be authors who have written on a variety of shipwreck, numismatic, and historical themes related to the 1715 Fleet and other famous wrecks. Participating thus far will be Carol Tedesco, Terry Armstrong, Allen Balogh, KT Budde-Jones, Captain Syd Jones, Alex Kuze, Tammy Gross, and major book dealer, Alan Workman. All will have books available for sale. This list is by far not at all complete. Other authors and dealers may sign up between now and then so check our News section for periodic updates.

In addition to good company, there will be plenty of good food as the event will be catered by local caterer Wild Thyme Catering. Also, as a special added attraction, we will be featuring a “Show and Tell” with local coin and artifact dealer Steve Hodges. Steve will be available to offer his professional opinion regarding shipwreck items that attendees are invited to bring along for review. Since this event is open to the public, we urge local Vero Beach residents to take this opportunity to bring along coins, artifacts, and other items so that they can be reviewed by Steve and an opinion offered as to the possible origin of the coin or artifact and what the owner might want to do with it to protect and preserve it.

The Heritage Center has been recently renovated and will make an excellent venue for our event. So, please plan on joining us as we inaugurate our 2024 Conference with an afternoon of fun, education, and comradery at the Vero Beach Heritage Center. Click HERE for more event information or to purchase tickets to the Conference.

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