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New Book on Private and Pioneer Gold Just Released

Occasionally I come across a new publication that, although not Fleet related, nevertheless is worthy of mentioning. Many of our numismatic members that collect Fleet gold and silver maintain other collecting interests that extend beyond Fleet coinage. Private and Pioneer (or Territorial Gold) is a fascinating area of numismatics that has somewhat of an esoteric collector base. The history behind these issues is equally fascinating. It takes deep pockets and a lot of patience, though, to specialize in Private or Pioneer gold.

While at the American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money held in Pittsburgh two weeks ago, I purchased this book authored by Donald H. Kagin, Ph.D. and David J. McCarthy of Kagin’s Inc., Tiburon, California. This hardcover coffee table book is loaded with beautiful illustrations, factual information and interesting background stories about the coins depicted. I took the time to read the book and can say that my knowledge of the subject, while not approaching that of the authors, was greatly enhanced. Also, I was fortunate enough to get my copy signed by the authors.

It is my understanding that the authors are already working on a companion volume that will cover non-gold issues such as patterns, tokens and re-strikes. The cost for their latest publication is $100.00. The book can be purchased through their website.

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