New Museum Opens In St. Augustine

On my way back home, following the FUN Show, I spent two days in St. Augustine. Founded in 1565 by Spanish explorers, it is the oldest city in the U.S. (Santa Fe, New Mexico comes in second at 1607). It has a very healthy tourist trade and has many places of interest to visit. While there I came across a new museum that opened recently. The St. Augustine Shipwreck Museum and Gallery is located on Charlotte Street between Avenida Menendez and St. George Street. There are many original artifacts from some world-famous shipwrecks including the Titanic, Atocha, 1715 Fleet, S.S. Central America, and R.M.S. Republic, to name a few.

The museum is located on the second floor while the first floor has an expansive gift shop with something for everyone. If you find yourself in St. Augustine you might want to consider visiting this very impressive Museum. For more information, you can access the museum’s website here.

Ben Costello
President, 1715 Fleet Society

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