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New Publication in Production

The 1715 Fleet Society is pleased to announce that our latest book, “Treasures of a Lost Fleet II” is now in production. This book is a compilation of coins and artifacts that appear in our “Treasure of the Month” series which is a regular feature of our website. Since the launch of our website in 2011 we have, on a monthly basis, showcased 1715 Fleet related items along with images and text to help educate the public and advance the history of the 1715 Fleet. In 2017 we published our first book “Treasures of a Lost Fleet” which enumerated our monthly treasures from May 2011 to December 2016. Our latest effort tabulates our monthly treasures from January 2017 to December 2021. In addition, our book contains a Memoriam to the late Eugene Lyon whose scholarship in the area of 1715 Fleet history is so important to those who are interested in all things Fleet related.

Unlike our first book, which was limited to just 100 numbered copies, our latest publication has been increased to 150 numbered copies. Like our earlier book, the first 25 will be signed. Because the total costs for our book have not yet been determined, we cannot set forth a pricing schedule. We can say that the first 25 will be priced to reflect their low numbers and the fact that they are signed. In addition, as we are a nonprofit, the books will be used as a fundraiser which will likewise be considered when we arrive at our final price.

As a courtesy to Fleet Society members, the books will first be offered to members only and then later (after a reasonable period of time) to the public. Also, many of our members who purchased numbered books in 2017 may want to purchase books with the same number this time. Therefore, members wishing to purchase a book with a number that corresponds to the book that they purchased in 2017 will be given priority to that number. If (again after a reasonable period of time) they choose not to purchase a new book so numbered, then that book will become available to anyone who wants to purchase it. We have a list of all of those individuals that purchased books in 2017 and will maintain a similar list for new purchases.

We hope to have a pricing schedule published on this website soon. Additionally, if all goes according to plan, we should have the books available at the conference next month. If the books are not completed in time for the conference they will available by mail and also at the FUN Show in Orlando in January 2023.

 Ben Costello, President

4 thoughts on “New Publication in Production”

  1. Love to purchase Treasures of a Lost Fleet II. If there are any copies of the first Treasures of a Lost Fleet, I would be interested in one of those as well.

  2. David W vonFischer

    I am interested in buying three copies of all books on the 1715 Fleet. Can you tell me what is available and pricing, how to order?

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