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November 2014 Treasure of the Month

Our featured Treasure of the Month for November is this display of gold escudos, all recovered from the Corrigan’s Wreck site. Corrigan’s Beach is named after property owners Hugh Corrigan, Jr., and his brother, Pat. Located ten miles south of Sebastian Inlet, it is a very popular beach for finding treasure. The coins displayed here are from Spanish colonial mints that were located in Bogotá, Lima, and Mexico City.

Clockwise from the top:

  1. Bogotá 2 – escudos
  2. Mexico 8 – escudos
  3. Mexico 1 – escudos
  4. Mexico 2 – escudos
  5. Bogotá 2 – escudos
  6. Mexico 1 – escudos
  7. Mexico 1 – escudos
  8. Mexico 4 – escudos
  9. Lima 8 – escudos

All of these coins were acquired by Florida Treasure Brokers, an ad hoc group consisting of Bob Weller, Don Griffin and Ernie Richards.

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