October 24, 2017 DATELINE: Pittsburgh, Pa.  Fleet Society Invited to give Presentation

On October 19, 2017, Fleet Society Director Ben Costello presented a program on the 1715 Fleet to residents of Providence Point, a  retirement community located in Pittsburgh. The program was called “Treasures of a Lost Fleet”. A short history of the 1715 Fleet was provided to set the stage for a spirited discussion of the many treasures found on the 1715 Fleet wreck sites. A display of Fleet related artifacts was also available so that those in attendance could see coins, jewelry, religious items, utensils and various encrusted objects first hand.

About 65 residents attended. From all accounts the program was well received.

The mission of the 1715 Fleet Society is to educate the public regarding the history of the 1715 Fleet. This most recent presentation is in fulfillment of that mission. For more information about programs sponsored by the 1715 Fleet Society contact me, Ben Costello, at 724 344 3171.

Ben Costello, Director.

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