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Paymaster’s Chest

Josh “Captain Redbeard” Scott (Follow @redbeardsrelics —
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Take a look at this brand new chest fresh in from one of my contacts in Prague! This is a very unique piece that I have only ever come across a couple of times in my search for rare artifacts.

Without an actual name for this specific type of chest, they are often known only by “wooden box”, “paymaster’s chest”, or the French term “Coffre-fort”. This can often present a challenge to source a quality example like this one.

This piece is even more unique by the presence of an external hasp and original small padlock with the most adorable little key!

Chests like this one would have been used by merchants and wealthy travelers to store all manner of treasure, letters, and much more.

More recently, if any of you are lovers of the show Outlander, a chest just like this was sent to Brianna and Roger from the past by Jamie and Claire Fraser filled with letters and other artifacts!

This chest is sold, but I have another in stock that is available for purchase!

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