Previously Unknown Real Eight Pamphlet Found

Recently we were contacted by Fleet Society member Frank Noga (#1) of East Lake, Ohio with news that he had found a rare Real Eight pamphlet that was used in conjunction with the Real Eight Museum of Sunken Treasure in Cape Canaveral, Florida. According to Real Eight member Rex Stocker (who was contacted by Frank) these pamphlets were handed out during the grand opening on June 29, 1968. Rex also confirmed that there were not many of them made.

The images (below) show the pamphlet and the “comic book” style story that was part of the pamphlet. In addition to being used for informational purposes, it also doubled as a mailer which could be sent to friends or relatives as a sort of advertisement for the museum. Pretty clever.

Image4 edited scaled

Prior to Frank’s discovery we had never seen this pamphlet before. Many thanks to Frank for sharing his find with us. 

Ben Costello

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