Reprint of Volume 1 Now Complete

The long-awaited reprint of Volume I of Treasures of a Lost Fleet is now complete. Baker and Taylor Publishers of Ashland, Ohio finished the reprint on April 13. The books will be picked up on April 26 and ready for sale in May. The 1715 Fleet Society Board of Directors will be meeting next week to determine the price per copy once all of the costs associated with the publication can be ascertained. In addition to determining the price, other key issues will be discussed such as whether or not to number the books or to sign copies.

The original Volume 1 ( Treasures of a Lost Fleet ) was published in 2017 and had a limited edition of 100 numbered copies. The edition was sold out.  With the publication of Volume 2 late last year ( Treasures of a Lost Fleet II )  many purchasers expressed a desire to obtain Volume 1 so as to have a complete set of both volumes. To fill this need, the Board authorized a reprint of Volume 1. The reprint did not change the substance of Volume 1 with the exception of adding a Preface and changing the color of the cover from purple to green.

We will announce the exact date when the books will be available for sale, the cost, and shipping arrangements in the near future. 

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