September 2014 Treasure of Month

September’s Treasure of the Month features a rather unique display of several Fleet-related treasures. The gem of this little display is a boldly struck 1714 gold Royal. (or galano) The navigational dividers embrace this coin, lovingly holding it out as if to say, “See what I’ve got.” A fully dated 1715 Mexico silver reales seems to be looking on with approval. A weathered map of Florida and the Caribbean serve as the backdrop for this grouping. Perhaps these navigational dividers were used to help guide the 1715 Fleet from the Old World to the New. Regrettably, however, the forces of nature intervened and vanquished the once proud fleet. Lost in the ocean for hundreds of years, these artifacts are once again reunited in the image shown above. For more information about navigational dividers, see Ernie Richards’ article, “Introduction to Navigational Dividers,” found in the PLVS ULTRA Newsletter, (First Quarter 2005, pp. 1- 3)

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