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September 2022 Treasure of the Month

Our Treasure of the Month for September is this very rare 1700 two escudos from the Spanish colonial mint at Lima, Peru. Only one of four known, this boldly struck, well centered Fleet Lima shows no wear or ocean impairment. It has a beautiful butter yellow color and clean surfaces. It is from the last year of Carlos II’s unfortunate reign. Upon close examination it can be seen that the strike on the pillar side is especially sharp and deep.

As a population, Lima two escudos are particularly rare. Our research has uncovered an inventory of gold coins recovered from 1715 Fleet wreck sites by the Real Eight Company through what appears to be 1966. According to this inventory, 5,622 gold cobs were recovered by the Real Eight up until that time. Only 146 of this total (2.6%) constituted Lima two escudos. Considering that only four were dated 1700 would make this two escudos especially rare.

The Real Eight Company auctioned one of these coins in 1964 and sold three others privately, including our featured treasure. This particular coin was purchased by Xavier Calico in 1964 and placed in a Spanish collection where it remained for 48 years when it was eventually sold. Notably, the State of Florida Collection never acquired any Lima two escudos bearing this date.

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