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Shipwreck Story from St. Augustine

Although our focus here at the Society is about all things 1715 Fleet related, I couldn’t help posting this story about a non-Fleet related shipwreck found off the coast of Florida in 2010. Divers with the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum found this wreck and recovered artifacts that were then brought back to their facility for conservation. Their efforts and what was found after conservation is contained in the story which can be accessed at this link:

War trophy from George Washington’s army discovered amid British shipwreck

It should be noted that the St. Augustine Lighthouse and Maritime Museum is worthy of a visit if you are planning to be in the area. Hands-on activities, exhibits, daily programs and nature trails complete your museum adventure. Let me warn you though, that the climb to the top of the lighthouse is not for the faint of heart! I know because I have been there.  Nevertheless, it is worth the price of admission.

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