Dateline: Sebastian Inlet State Park, Florida – Spanish Surface Well Then and Now

This newsletter post is brought to us by Ed Perry, a Park Services Specialist at the Sebastian Inlet State Park and the McLarty Treasure Museum in Vero Beach, Florida. In it, he shares with us images of a Spanish surface well.

Here are photos of the well when it was originally found, and today, covered over with asphalt, and a little rain ponding in the depression.


There were two wells on the property, the one shown here was a sunken ship’s barrel; the other well was a little more on the north end of the property and was rectangular and shored up with old ship’s timbers. The replica addition is made to resemble this one.



The replica project is nearly complete; all that needs to be done is installation of a low rail fence around the pit, as kids are wanting to play too close to it. All sand that was removed (and will be for the fence posts) had to undergo archaeological surveying and be sifted. There is one trained staff qualified to do that on the park.



Thanks to the 1715 Fleet Society for funding of the interpretive sign and purchase of one-time use of the National Geographic photo of Kip Wagner.

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