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Special Message from Charlie Winn

Greetings Society members. This is Charlie Winn, Advisory Board member.

As Pedigree researcher for the 1715 Fleet Society, my priority is to serve its members. If you have cob and would like to know if it has been in a past auction or famous collection, I might be able to help. Please feel free to contact me anytime.

My research library continues to grow with over 1500 publications and 7000 pages of cobs. I have been trying to complete a set of Ponterio Auction Catalogs for about 5 years and I am very close, needing only 6 issues. I have photographed over five hundred 1715 Fleet cobs and Fleet period cobs from Ponterio thus far. I have also written a color-coded cob index for Ponterio with every Fleet cob itemized. Ponterio is one of the greatest repositories of cob information in our industry and currently is not available online until Auction #159, after the merger with Stacks Bowers. Once the set is complete, I can finish the photography and index, and then make it available on the 1715 Fleet Society website. Ponterio Auctions are a treasure to our industry, and I believe this information will be a valuable tool and that the site will be visited often. So, I am asking for your help to complete the set.

Jorge Proctor is also very close to completing his set and can use your help as well. Please see our list below.

Charlie Winn, 22, 24, 52, 97, 110 and 113
Jorge Proctor, 1, 2, 3, 113, 147, 156 and 157

Thank you for your help,
Charlie Winn
(386) 426-3345

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