Startling New Research Soon to be Posted

As we mentioned on March 29, the Society will be revealing for the first time important new original research conducted by Advisory Board member Jorge Proctor. The final draft of that research is being reviewed and will be submitted for publication this month.
As previously stated, this research has to do with the location of certain Fleet wreck sites. What we have come to believe as true about the location of certain wreck sites has been passed down through the years and accepted without a thorough analysis of the archaeological and archival documentation available to support previously held conclusions. Now that kind of analysis has become finally available through the work of Jorge Proctor, here applied to Echevers’ capital ships and soon also to Ubilla’s ships. In any event, we look forward to presenting to the 1715 Fleet Community this historic material that we believe will not only clarify the record, but settle once and for all certain questions that
needed to be asked and answered.

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