Sunken Treasure from 17th Century Shipwreck Featured

HERE is an interesting article as a follow-up to our post of August 7, 2022, about treasured artifacts from the Maravillas which sank on January 4, 1656. Many of the items on display at the Bahamas Maritime Museum in Freeport are very similar to items recovered from the wreck sites of the 1715 Fleet. This is another example of how shipwrecks are actually time capsules whose remains depict life at a designated point in time.

As an aside, it should be noted that this very subject (shipwrecks as time capsules) will be one of the featured topics at our conference in Vero Beach at the end of October of this year. More information about this event can be accessed on our Home Page by clicking on the banner at the top of the page. Hope to see you there.

Ben Costello, President, 1715 Fleet Society

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