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DATELINE: Washington, PA – Commemoration Cameos

During July, I spent a considerable amount of time in Florida getting things ready for Commemoration Week. Although my duties took up most of my time, I did manage to contact some folks to see if they had time to meet with me while I was in the area. All of these folks had some

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1715 Fleet 300th Anniversary Commemoration Wrap-Up

Hello all. As promised in a prior Newsletter post, what follows is a summary of the events of the 300th Anniversary Commemoration week, July 27 – 31, 2015. For those of you who were fortunate enough to be there during that time you may find that this wrap up will, hopefully, bring back some pleasant

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DATELINE: Washington, PA – 1715 Fleet 300th Anniversary Recap

Hello all.  I am now back home following my month-long trip to Florida.  Now that I am back I will be working on a Newsletter item which summarizes last week’s events together with pictures.  I have several hundred images to review so it probably will take me about a week to get it posted.  I

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Treasure of the Month – August 2015

The Treasure of the Month for August 2015 is the “Tricentennial Royal.” Named for the 300th Anniversary of the loss of the 1715 Fleet, this superior fully dated 1715 eight escudos gold Royal was found on the Douglass Beach site near Fort Pierce, Florida, on June 17, 2015. The discovery of this Royal was not

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DATELINE: Vero Beach – Day 2 of Commemoration Week

It’s Day 2 of the Commemoration week in Vero Beach, Florida – and we’re posting a few pictures from the 1715 Fleet Society Conference, which included panels with Dr. John DeBry, Dr. Tim Watson, and Jorge Proctor, Ernie Richards, Dan Sedwick, Tom Sebring, John Pullin, Bill Moore, and John Brandon, among others. We heard from

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DATELINE: Vero Beach, Florida – 1715 Fleet Conference Update

Good day – Ben Costello here. I would like to provide to you some additional information that you need to know about our upcoming Conference at the Leonhardt Auditorium, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, Florida, on July 28 – 29, 2015. Please note that the registration for the Conference will be between 9:00

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300th Anniversary Conference Correction

Please note a change to the conference information now posted on  the 300th Anniversary Conference event page: The conference was previously listed on our calendar as being organized by the Vero Beach Museum of Art. That was incorrect. The event location is the Vero Beach Museum of art, but the event is being organized by the 1715 Fleet Society.

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Dateline: Washington, PA – 1715 Fleet Commemoration Update

There are a few updates to the 1715 Commemoration events schedules, which we’ve posted here below, and on the individual event pages.  We’ve also attached a copy of the menu for the 1715 Commemoration Banquet and the menu for the 1715 Commemoration Conference. Tickets for both events are still available, but selling fast, so please

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Dateline: Vero Beach, Florida – 300th Anniversary Conference Agenda

By popular request, we’re posting below a copy of the agenda for the 300th Anniversary Conference on the 1715 Plate Fleet. The conference will be held on July 28th and July 29, 2015 at the Leonhardt Auditorium, Vero Beach Museum of Art, Vero Beach, Florida. There are numerous presentations over the course of the 2-day Conference,

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